As far as ESA is concerned, the time is absolutely right now for business owners, employees, consumers and film directors to formally integrate social consciousness into their daily lives, both in and out of the workplace. What’s more, we believe that it is THE WORKPLACE that must lead the way to responsibly exemplify the ideal ethics.  (I know, we are so whack!)  Think about it, though. Where do you spend the vast majority of your waking hours?  (Um, that’s a rhetorical question.)  We continuously challenge ourselves to raise the bar in this context, daring other companies to follow suit. (So far, none have, but we don’t give up easily!)


“Characterized by equity or fairness; just and right; reasonable.”
When we were creating ESA, we asked ourselves, “What is fair for all involved?” For our clients, equity requires both financial and ethical integrity in our representation of their interests. ESA’s commitment is reflected in our willingness to reduce our commission when the client’s cumulative commission — the amount the client pays to an agent, a manager, and an attorney — becomes excessive, as it is too often in today’s marketplace, thanks in large part to the egregious and anti-democratic 1996 Telecommunications Act.  For our employees, we distribute company funds in a manner that underscores our desire to make them as financially secure as possible.


“The careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.”
We take seriously the trust our clients place in us and view our responsibility as being each client’s best advocate, navigating complex issues among multiple parties. Furthermore, we have the skills to protect their interests in myriad ways and are always on hand to fight the good fight honestly, passionately, and respectfully. Moreover, the primary objective of ESA is designed to minimize conflicts of interest, since we prioritize both packaging and producing far lower than most of our competitors.


“Persons whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination.”
Artists are integral to every civilization. ESA encourages both its clients and employees to reflect honestly upon the true fabric of their universe and create works that enlighten people to those truths. ESA is devoted to the proposition that great art often incorporates sophisticated and nuanced perspectives by seamlessly and creatively intertwining religious, historical and/or cultural points of view — even when those expressions challenge the status quo.

ESA’s primary objective

Of course, ESA’s primary objective is to enable its clients to have invigorating and long-lasting careers that bring them an abundance of money and happiness along the way. But it is HOW we help them achieve this that makes us extraordinary. This is the essence of our stewardship and what sets us apart from every other agent and manager out there. In fact, ESA guidelines are so uniquely provocative that we literally aim to redefine the entire concept of “Economics,” specifically with regard to a culture’s morality being defined not by its varied political/religious theories, ideologies or the like, but literally by how all forms of economics are truly manifested.

While ESA firmly believes American companies should strive to maximize financial profit, we also believe EVEN MORE PASSIONATELY that they must concurrently be subservient to Mother Nature all the while. Having all economic factors aim to be a subset of Mother Nature (which is arguably the reversal of how things have institutionally played out over the last two hundred years by the so-called “civilized societies”) properly aligns a collective ethical base to guarantee that all subsequent species have a healthy world to inherit after we have . . . well, moved on to wherever the hell we move on to!

Check out some examples of how we are doing this:

  • Let’s say that we believe the discrepancy between rich and poor is detrimental to a society. And we do, by the way.  So while we fight legislatively, we concurrently acknowledge that our business is the equivalent to “our great society” and apply said values into our company here and now, literally manifesting our beliefs prior to our legislators getting off their asses and doing it then. Consequently, no ESA employee will ever earn more than nine (9) times another colleague’s yearly salary. Moreover, our objective is for EVERY employee to have an actual living wage, as defined and agreed to by all of us personally, opposed to the lamentable definition made by our insensitive, plutocratic government.
  • Let’s say that you value preventive care to be a part of health insurance.  Well, all ESA employees are outfitted with the healthiest of infrastructures — natural light, fresh air, sophisticated ergonomics, filtered water, exercise equipment to rectify the brutal ramifications of those damn computers we’re all welded to, and even non-bluetooth headsets.
  • Let’s say that the fact that corporations are “people” in the United States is a constitutional law you find utterly insane and classist—as we most certainly do—then we damn well better make sure ALL employees know they have 1st Amendment rights on company property; furthermore, their opinions will be celebrated and encouraged, because ESA believes this is integral to cultivating creativity amongst its employees, as well as contributing to ideal citizenship. This also means ESA won’t take advantage of the law and donate to a candidate or lobby for legislation.
  • Let’s say that you believe in climate change.  (Which is the same as saying you have at least a double digit IQ.) ESA is designed to minimize the use of fossil fuels. The company distributes and reviews materials and information electronically whenever possible. ESA also strongly encourages individuals, corporations, and local governments to participate in The Weekly Revolution, a program that not only reduces the burning of fossil fuels, but demonstrates how caring Americans must collectively and consecutively manifest goals their neighbors, family and friends can bear witness to—and thus be influenced by the participants’ true conviction.  (And for those of you smarty-pants reading this, you may realize that ESA is similarly hoping others are influenced by this “socio-political economic petrie dish” of ours and subsequently improve upon it for yet others to be influenced by and on and on and on . . .)
  • Here’s a slightly more complicated, but no less important example:  Let’s say that you have no problem paying taxes—and for the record, since ESA is currently a small business, our taxes are between 50-60%! But let’s also say that you are VERY put off by how said taxes are presently distributed by your so-called democratic government.  And let’s say that you are particularly miffed over the fact that roughly 50% of your tax dollars go to the military—or something tangential, like underwriting the costs of being an Imperial Power.  And notwithstanding the fact that while you are absolutely for a strong “Defense,” you are absolutely NOT in favor of a strong “Offense.”  As such, let’s say you wanna fight this in order to delegate a portion of those secret funds to “silly, bleeding heart liberal things” like schools, infrastructure, high speed rail systems, single payer health care, etc., but your so-called democratic government won’t even open their accounting books for you to intelligently contribute your thoughts.  Wait, lemme rephrase that: they won’t open OUR books for US to see!  OK, if we wanna change this, then we sure as hell better first apply that same credo within the walls of OUR jurisdiction. And, predictably, we do.  ESA has an open book policy whereby employees have access to all company expenditures. Additionally, employees are free to question distributions without retribution.

Should you be more curious about the “political theatre” side of ESA, particularly how the moral role economics must play in a civil society—sans the pre-existing theories and their distractive connotations—you may wanna check out The DNA of PAS.  Suffice to say, however, we believe that the freedom America still provides us must be exploited by all well-meaning business owners, knowing this value-system can have a profoundly positive effect upon employees, communities, states, countries and ultimately a planet.  Yes, part of what we are alluding to is energetic, but even in this context, we argue our own evolution can be positively manipulated in this fashion.