Imagine it’s Friday. You are driving to work and it suddenly dawns on you there isn’t as much traffic as usual. You look around and notice there are more people on bikes, more people walking, more people on the bus, more than just one person in the car next to you. Now imagine another week goes by—there you are again, driving, alone, and this time you see even more folks biking, walking, car-pooling. Eventually, after months of watching this, you will give it a shot. Just ask your neighborhood sociologist if you don’t believe us.


Deciding to participate in a revolution is transformative. It’s not easy for most folks to do what they have never done before. Have patience. Don’t get frustrated. Remind yourself of the freedoms you have—from the right to vote to the five-day work-week—because of those daring Americans who came before you and who cared. Then ask yourself what’s imperative to bring about the change that’s needed now.

  • Once you get rolling, know that whatever you do might take time to adapt. No matter what action you choose, the first several times may prove a royal drag. Don’t give up. Soon you will start feeling optimistic, invigorated and, eventually, empowered!
  • Or, if you simply can’t do it, fine. Chill. But ask yourself if there’s another way to contribute. Be creative. After all, this is about individual responsibility. You are the judge. Perhaps you can buy someone a bike or sponsor someone to ride the bus? Maybe you can work from home? Maybe you can simply tell others about it? Meanwhile, actively show your support by praising those who are participating — after all, positive reinforcement is free.


ESA believes all companies should be dedicated to making THE WEEKLY REVOLUTION enticing for its employees by being collaborative. For example, since participation may be either a financial burden or an inconvenience, ESA compensates employees every time they participate; moreover, the company recognizes initial attempts are the most challenging and therefore compensates double the first four (4) times. The company also acknowledges normal working hours must be adjusted to accommodate its employees’ participation. And for those employees who don’t have the ability to participate, allow them the option of working from home. ESA is similarly dedicated to encouraging other businesses to follow its lead by offering assistance in implementing their program.